Blink Lu (blink_lu) wrote,
Blink Lu

On Vox: Knotted stomach...lumpy throat...chipped tooth...

I really need to sleep, but last night I couldn't and I'm scared I won't tonight.

I've got lots of big things (good!) happening this year, and some big decisions that might mean big things changing - i.e. work etc and I'm not in the best frame of mind to think too seriously about things with a lack of sleep.

Also I have a chipped tooth and I can't concentrate on anything for long before nudging it with my tongue and feeling the rough amalgam - I was convinced I had pork crackling stuck in my teeth for an hour when I did it.  At least I'm off to the dentist tomorrow so that problem should resolve itself.

There is a lump in my throat and I'm not sure if it's me making it or whether a cold is growing there.

I want to make my resolutions, I kept a few last year so it seemingly was worthwhile...

All I've decided so far is that I want to lose 35 pounds in 17 weeks if possible...let's see how I get on.

Other than that I think my resolutions will centre around more sleep, more health, more reading, more friends, more self development and more Dr David Coddingsteine.

Currently reading...

Interesting, accessible and makes for brain crumbling thinking...I am the delivery guy and Dr David is Avatar when we sit up drinking and watching mindless TV and he gets board of the TV and I grow tired of thinking.  Halfway through and will let you know a final thought when finished as it's a thought experiment and I've not yet come to a full conclusion...


And so now I try and sleep a bit more than I managed last night...I guess that should start with me going to bed...


Night night.

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