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On Vox: Nike Plus....needs some getting used to

After a lovely lazy day of reading A Play on Words

A Play on Words
Deric Longden

in the garden and on the sofa in the sun room, I decided that today would be more of a day of action. 

I have succumbed to buying some new trainers - I use mine at least 6 times a week and I've had them for a year so felt that it was an investment - so I bought some special running trainers - some nike plus ones (I don't have an ipod Nano, but am thinking of getting on so that I can play around with it and find out how far I'm running)  I decided that I was going to do the following route - down the hill, to the canal, along the canal to Rodley and then along the road back here.  On multimap it looks approx 2KM along the road and approx 3KM on the canalside.  I definitely prefer running along the canal - it was flatter and the air was less polluted and exhaust fumed.  I managed to do the route in about 37 mins with a 1 min break at Rodley for some water.  I really need to get a pouch to carry things in as I took my mobile in case I needed to call Coddy to rescue me and it was annoying as I had a mobile in one hand and water in the other.  The new trainers have given me blisters on my insteps, so I obviously need to break them in a bit more.

I now need to tidy up the house, do the washing and ironing, I would ideally like to sand the ceiling as it is annoying me that we have still done hardly anything to make this house properly liveable yet....

I'm also scared that I will happen across a mouse.  On Tuesday evening I was watching TV and Stipey managed to bring in a mouse, I got Coddy to help me rescue the mouse and it was very much alive, but with it's back legs looking very poorly.  Being wimps and animal lovers we couldn't kill it, so we put him in a shoe box with some water and tissue and decided to bury or release depending on what we found in the morning.  Unfortunately when I took the shoebox down in the morning, there was no sign of Mr Mouse, lots of poo, but no mouse, I looked on top of the bookcase where his box had been (some 6 feet high) and there was poo on the top of there, but again no mouse.  We looked everywhere and can't find him, so god knows where he must be, I hope that he is ok though as he looked like a friendly little thing.  

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