Blink Lu (blink_lu) wrote,
Blink Lu

Race for Life!

I decided that with my new found enthusiasm for running, I wanted to work up to doing some races - Race for Life at 5km seemed like a good place to start and also it's for a very good cause. Although I am pretty fortunate to not have had much personal involvement in the suffering that cancer and breast cancer can cause, a few years ago my Aunt was diganosed with Breast Cancer which was a big shock as it doesn't run in our family, and she had never smoked or been exposed to any of the other risk factors - so I guess that made me wake up to the possibility that it could happen to anyone without warning. Luckily she is now in remission, but I did think a few years ago that I ought to do something to raise some support - so I've finally got around to it!

This isn't a post to request for sponsors or anything like that, but I'm quite proud of myself for actually doing something productive with my spare time for a change, and wanted to tell everyone about it - so here is the webpage I've got set up about it so that you can learn more about it and get involved if you like. Run Lucy Run!
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