Blink Lu (blink_lu) wrote,
Blink Lu

Green Day - YAY!

We've just got back from seeing Green Day over in Manchester and it was really really good, possibly one of the best gigs I've seen ever.

Frustratingly we didn't realise that they had a decent support - New Found Glory and ended up totally missing out. However, we were in time to see the "warm up" which was a pink rabbit getting the crowd to dance along to YMCA - very bizarre!

They played a lot of their current album - and chronologically like they do in the album - kicking off with American Idiot which gave me goosebumps. They have started getting a few more guitarists in to help them out, mainly it would seem to Billy Joe could run around madly... They really get the crowd involved, both by getting them to do Mexican Waves, sing in sections and even up on stage to play drums, bass and guitar. It was so sweet to see one kid who was 18 and called Richard who was pulled up on stage to play guitar, the first thing he did was hug Billy Joe and he also went to hug Mike and Trey - in the end Billy Joe was so impressed by his enthusiasm, that he was allowed to keep the guitar.

They played one of their ska numbers, and ended up going into a version of Shout which is a bit off the wall, and also played We are the Champions If I'd been told about this beforehand, I would never have thought that it would have worked, but it did.

The encore was probably one of the best that I have seen with them playing Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Minority and then finishing up with Billy Joe doing a solo of Time of your Life after playing We are the Champions

The whole thing was very motivational, don't know how long that will last, but I absolutely love them to pieces...I really need to listen to them more often, as it really lifts my mood and gets me all fired up to do things.

Yay, I love Green Day!
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